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What's the GMB (Global Mentor Board)

GMB (Global Mentor Board) is the leading knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform.GMB was established in 2014. The headquarter is in Beijing and 6 subsidiaries were built in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other first-tier cities, partners are throughout the country in more than 100 cities in China.
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The Founder – Haiping HU

Chairman and CEO of Global Mentor Board, honorable Zhejiang businessman;

China's top 10 economic influencers;
China's Top 10 New Energy Sources;
China's Top 10 Outstanding CEOs;
Former Vice Chairman of Shanshan Holdings Board and Former CEO of Shanshan Group
Executive Committee of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce and Vice Chairman of Pudong New Area Federation of Industry and Commerce
Vice Chairman of China Innovation and Design Industry Alliance
Vice Chairman of Internet Professional Committee of Zhejiang Merchants Association
Business Mentor of Silicon Valley Advanced Business Association
Chairman of Shanghai Alumni Association of Zhejiang University
Member of the ``the belt and road initiative`` Senior Minister for Life and Health Development Committee of the United Nations Program for Project Services
Chairman of Alumni Association of College of Control Science and Engineering in Zhejiang University.


About AGMB (Australia Global Mentor Board)

AGMB International Fortune Club is committed to build Australia-China exchange platform, set up high-end wealth club, service entrepreneurs and investors with desire, ideas and passion to develop their business in Australia or expand the business to China.

AGMB Fortune Club will empowering our members with counseling, packaging and  nancing to achieve their goals through nancing, strategic planning, brand marketing, business management, consultation and exchange service for members. Annually, there will be more than 20 varieties of events and activities organized for our members, including high-end busi- ness forum, industry insights, top level entrepreneurs mentoring, business visiting, project consultation, project roadshow etc.